Holidays Around the World

At Lawrence Primary School, our Grade 1 classes celebrate the cultural mosaic of our school by learning about Holidays Around the World. Each day for the month of December, our first graders grab their "suitcases", jump on the imaginary Polar Express and embark on a journey around the world to learn about how different cultures celebrate the holidays. 

This year, our first grade will be visiting over 20 countries all while learning their traditions, geography, weather, as well as comparing all of the cultural differences that make each country so special. First grade teacher Ms. Baltzer states, "It has provided students with a great time to explore and learn what makes our world so unique, all while teaching us to accept and appreciate differences. I love seeing how excited the students are when I tell them we are going to a new country." For each country, students fill their classroom made suitcases with important souvenirs from the countries they travel to as symbols of the holiday season and gain stamps in the passports as they become cultural experts. 

Please see pictures below of our students learning adventure.