Be Kind

As a school we will celebrate World Kindness Day on November 18th. Check out our News Article on the website to hear more about this school event!

Grade 1 students in Ms. Baltzer's class learned about how life was during the first Thanksgiving. They talked about the Wampanoag tribe and learned how different Native Americans survived thousands of years ago. Together, they made tepees with drawings of Native American symbols to represent a visual of life long ago. 

Grade 3 students in Ms. Brown's class participated in a variety of engaging  literacy center-based activities.

Grade 1 students in Mr. Detweiler's class participated in an Art lesson by watching a step-by-step video teaching the students how to draw a puppy dog! 

Grade 3 students in Ms. Rasmussen's class enjoyed reading a variety of genres in "Scholastic News." This week they focused on  reading non-fiction and learned all about Space!