Set Goals

Grade 3 students in Ms. Mcabe's class had fun focusing on the question, "Why do our skeleton's have so many bones?" In this activity, students made an X-ray and were able to see why their hands have so many bones. Students were able to see how the bones and joints work to allow our hands to move, grab and hold things! 

Grade 2 students in Ms. Lopeck's class participated in a hands-on experience learning to make Chocolate on National Chocolate Day!  

Grade 1 students in Ms. Feigeles' class participated in a Candy Corn Investigation. They had to draw the changes they noticed between the control and the experimental candy corn! 

  "The Great Pumpkin Investigation"

Grade 2 students in Ms. Brites' class go from pumpkin pickers to pumpkin investigators. They identified the parts of the pumpkin after dissecting it. They saved the seeds to plant in the spring!