Learning is Fun!

At the Primary School, students are able to have fun while learning! During each week, our students display their knowledge and skills through project-based learning and classroom activities. Make sure to talk about all of the great learning at home as a family!

*Ms. Novello's students welcomed the season of fall by reading a poem called Little Pumpkin. Students learned about the many characteristics of a pumpkin such as its size and its color. Ms. Novello's learners then demonstrated their fine motor skills by painting a pumpkin with a Q-Tip!*

*Ms. McCabe's third grade students are beginning to learn about communities around the world by studying the continents! Students used a blue balloon to represent the ocean and pasted the continents on the balloon!*

*Second graders in Ms. Perez's class engaged in close reading using monster fingers to track their sentences! Students were all held accountable for following along in the text while Ms. Perez read it aloud.*

*A student in Mr. Detweiler's first grade class worked with Ms. Abruzzo to apply his knowledge of phonics to activate his pre-reading skills! The instruction in phonemic awareness helped the student write and identify words!*

*First grade students in Ms. Pulella's class welcomed the season of fall by making hats with leaves and apples, as well as brainstorming activities to do in the fall such as apple picking!*