Back to School!

The first full week of school for students at  Lawrence Primary School has been filled with many new learning opportunities! As students engaged in their different learning environments, they have been able to grow both socially and academically! 

*First grade learners in Ms. Pulella's class have begun iRead, a reading program that students use daily to develop their literacy skills. iRead provides students with the opportunity to practice and develop phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, phonics, decoding, word recognition, fluency, and spelling!*

*Ms. Perez and her second grade students worked in math centers to develop addition fluency. Students were able to recall sums for basic facts and demonstrate their understanding by picking a math strategy!*

*During art class, first grade students from Ms. Brescio's class applied their listening skills to follow directions on how to draw one of their favorite characters---Sonic the Hedgehog! Students learned that characters are the animals or people in a book or movie.*

*Ms. Brown and her third graders developed a Peace Plan to choose positive words to affirm the people in their lives! Students learned the difference between put-ups, put-downs, and the overall message of how our words are powerful!*