Soaring to New Heights This Year!

There is no question that our students have excelled and met so many of their social and academic goals this year. Below is a snapshot of the engagement and learning that has allowed our students to soar to new heights!  



*First grade students in Ms. Arleo's class partnered with third grade students from Ms. McCabe's class to explore a new instructional technology tool called Blooket! Students engaged in game-based learning to demonstrate math skills that they have acquired this school year!*


*First grade students worked in guided reading groups with Ms. Moreno and Ms. Becker to apply phonics and word analysis skills to decode words. Students were encouraged to use the pictures in the book to identify unknown words and they successfully identified high-frequency sight words too!*

*Singing is an engaging activity that helps students with their pronunciation and listening skills. Ms. Ruic’s students always enjoy ending their school day with the Goodbye Song! Click on the image above to view the video!*



*Second grade students in Ms. Brites' class designed bird feeders to attract birds to the bird seeds! Students reused materials from their home, a perfect acknowledgement of Earth Day on April 22nd. Students planned how to design their bird feeders in class and then some students designed their bird feeder at home with their family. If you want to  explore this activity as a family with your child, click the links below!*

Bird Feeder Inspiration

Inspiracion para tu comedero de aves

My Bird Feeder

Mi comedero de pájaros


*Ms. Brescio's first graders have been Hip-Hopping into spring---writing about what they are excited to do during this season! Students wrote sentences about how they are excited to play soccer in the fields and fly kites!