Happy Learning!

Our students at Lawrence Primary School are happy learners who participate in a plethora of learning activities that their teachers plan. We encourage each student to lead with inquiry to understand what they are learning!



*Partner reading is a great strategy to promote active listening, as well as oral fluency. Ms. Arleo's first grade students demonstrated an understanding of the organization and basic features of print while reading with partners!*


*Game-based learning has been proven to increase student engagement and improve student confidence! Ms. McDonough's and Ms. Abruzzo's third grade students used dice to create and solve various math equations!*

*Ms. Baltzer and her first grade students learned about the life cycle of a praying mantis! Students were able to read about praying mantises with books from the classroom library and books on Epic. Ms. Baltzer's first graders observed the growth and development of praying mantises, which start as eggs inside of an egg casing. After weeks of observation and documentation, the praying mantises in Room 23 have finally hatched!*


*Third grade students in Ms. McCabe's class researched different countries and wrote postcards! Reading is an adventure and after Ms. McCabe's students "traveled" to a country, they wrote a postcard with some facts!*