Learn Something New!

Each instructional day at Lawrence Primary School provides our students with the opportunity to learn something new. We encourage our learners to take risks and challenge themselves so they can reach their potential! The photos below showcase some of the learning opportunities from this school week:

*Physical education is not only an important component of school, but life too! Remember, it is important to do warm-up exercises before engaging in any physical activity. Students in Mr. Flammia's second grade class warmed up before playing in their physical education class!*

*Ms. Avellaneda worked with a group of third grade orchestra students from Ms. McCabe's class. Students demonstrated their understanding of how to play the violin by reading and playing notes, identifying the order of the strings on the fingerboard, and identifying various music symbols (down bow, up bow, rest, repeat). Don't forget to practice at home!*



*First grade classes embraced the season of spring by learning about kites! First grade students and classroom teachers collaborated with our art teacher Ms. Young to design their own kites. Then, students went outside to test their designs against the many elements of Mother Nature!*    

*Thank you to our PTA for organizing our Spring Book Fair! Students were able to buy books they were interested in to build their libraries at home!*