Engaging Students at Work!

The students at Lawrence Primary School are always hard at work and engaged in the tasks and challenges set before them. Continue below to discover what our students have been up to!

*First grade students in Ms. Moreno's class studied astronomy! Students learned that our solar system includes the sun and the planets that orbit around it!*

*Ms. Arleo's student went to the Peninsula Public Library six times! We congratulated her here in school with a backpack of books!*

*We believe that readers will be leaders here at Lawrence Primary School! A student in Ms. Kearney's class eagerly enjoyed reading a book!*


*Physical education is an important aspect of the school day! Students get the chance to learn new games and practice their gross motor skills!*



*Ms. Baltzer's first grade students planned and designed an escape plan for Rapunzel. First, students sketched the plan in their notebooks. Then, students rotated to stations with different building materials (Legos, Lincoln Logs) to construct the plans they designed. Students were able to apply their critical thinking and engineering skills to participate in this fun activity!*


*Mr. Spera and his second grade students from Ms. Lopeck's class  reviewed how many hours are in one day and how many minutes are in one hour. Mr. Spera then introduced the word duration as a musical term,  naturally connecting math and music! Students began to learn that in music, duration is used to see how long notes will be.*



*Ms. Pagnotta's third grade students explored fractions on a number line using Play-Doh! Students used a popsicle stick to divide their log of Play-Doh into various fractions such as fourths and sixths. Ms. Pagnotta's students also practice counting their fractions and made observations about what they noticed on the number line!*