Fantastic Work!

All of our students at Lawrence Primary School produce fantastic work throughout each school day! Take a moment to read about the happenings in our school and the community!

*Students from Ms. Gibbons' class went to  the Long Island Children's museum to see their art work displayed that they created with their art teacher Ms. Young!*

*Playing games is a great way for students to practice turn taking,  hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and language development. Mr. Flammia's students learned how to play Uno during indoor recess!*


*Ms. McCabe's third grade learners took a trip inside the human body to see that the heart is a muscle, contracting and expanding to move blood through our vessels. Ms. McCabe's students learned how to check their pulse and made observations about their pulse and heart rate. Students ended the lesson by writing a Valentine to their Heart!*




*First grade learners in Ms. Feigeles' class learned about Abraham Lincoln as one of our presidents in honor of Presidents' Day on February 21st. Students then created a log cabin using popsicle sticks to show where Abraham Lincoln was born. If you look close enough, you'll even see President Lincoln in the window on the penny!*