Happy 100th Day of School!

Happy 100th Day of School to the Lawrence Primary School community! Today students and staff celebrated in many different ways to acknowledge that our learners are one hundred days smarter!


*Students in Ms. Kearney's class have been using their classroom chart to count to the 100th Day of School. Each student received a certificate to acknowledge their accomplishments!*


*Ms. Risi's second graders celebrated the 100th Day of School by counting to one hundred, writing the numbers to one hundred, and making crowns!*

*Students in Ms. Brites' class read the book Max's Words by Kate Blanks and Boris Kulikov. In the story, Max has two brothers and each brother has a collection. Benjamin collects stamps and Karl collects coins. Max wants to collect something, when he discovers words would be wonderful! He discovers the power you have when you use them creatively. The students in Ms. Brites' class used 100 words creatively to produce the work shown above!*