It's Time to Show What You Know!

There is no shortage of learning at Lawrence Primary School! Throughout each school week, students get the chance to proudly show what they know. Below highlights some of the learning from this week:


*Ms. McCabe's third graders finished reading the book Third Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli. Students learned about persevering and being selfless. In the book Third Grade Angels, students had to be well behaved and kind in order to earn a halo. You can see that Ms. McCabe's students each earned a halo based on their compassion and a commitment to kindness!*


*First graders in Ms. Rincon's class used read guided reading books, applying the literacy skills they've learned and the sight words they've acquired!*


*PS I Love You Day is celebrated on February 11th and Ms. Appleman's second grade learners joined the celebration! Students focused on what they love about themselves by completing the I Love the Pieces of Me activity!*



*The first grade students in the classes of Ms. Feigeles and Ms. Brescio also joined the celebration for PS I Love You Day! Students focused on the different qualities they love about themselves by completing writing activities!*