Time to Learn!

Each day at Lawrence Primary School is the time to learn! Our students are able to embrace the numerous learning opportunities each day thanks to the efforts of their parents and teachers. Below highlights some of the learning from this week:



*Ms. Baltzer's first grade students used a model to investigate why stars/constellations are visible at night, but disappear when the Sun comes out during the day. Students used a paper cup and a flashlight to create a Star Projector!*

*Ms. Ackerman's students from Ms. Cohen's third grade class practiced responding to where questions to continue developing their language skills!*


*Students in Ms. Lorberbaum's third grade class wrote letters to Lawrence High School students in the Key Club as part of the Pen Pal program. The Key Club at Lawrence High School focuses on service and leadership; our partnership with the Key Club provides our third grade students with the opportunity to write and engage with older role models here in Lawrence!*





*Students at Lawrence Primary School learned about Martin Luther King Jr. this week in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 17th. Students read books on Pebble Go and listened to read alouds in their classrooms. They also did writing assignments to demonstrate their understanding of the message Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered to the world---peace, justice, and equality!*



*Students from the classes of Ms. Ruic and Ms. Kearney worked in art class with Ms. Young to make winter scenes with arctic penguins! Students created the background by engaging in salt painting---a process where watercolors are used first and then sea salt is sprinkled on top. Once the watercolors and salt combine, the science of absorption takes place, creating a beautiful design!*