Happy Holidays!

December was filled with many fun filled activities and projects that provided students with an opportunity to engage with peers and be creative! We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Break!



*Ms. Hernandez and her students read El Cascanueces---The Nutcracker in Spanish. Students read about how the main character, Clara, was transported to a magical land filled with candy and sweet treats. Students drew their own nutcrackers and wrote a summary of the story! Click below to draw a nutcracker at home together!

*How to Draw a Nutcracker/Cómo dibujar un cascanueces*

*Ms. Brown's third grade learners identified different people, places, and things that bring them joy! Students began by brainstorming a list in their Writer's Notebook and then drafted sentences. Ms. Brown had her students go through the writing process where students drafted, revised, edited, and finally published! Not only did students write a book with five sentences about what brings them joy, but they also included similes in their sentences!*

*First grade students in Ms. Merritt's class read  about the celebration of Kwanzaa, one of the December holidays. After students read about Kwanzaa, they completed an activity with the kinara---the candle holder that families light as they celebrate Kwanzaa.*


*Students in Ms. Twomey's class learned how to play checkers with Ms. Loweree. The game of checkers provides students with an opportunity to problem solve, apply critical thinking skills, and socialize!*















*First grade classes compared and contrasted different versions of the Gingerbread Man, along with other literacy activities throughout December. Students in the first grade classes culminated the gingerbread unit by building Gingerbread Houses in their classroom.*