Star Students!

Lawrence Primary School has so many star students that shine each day! Our students are able to showcase their skills and talents in nurturing, yet challenging environments. Below are some of the snapshots from the learning this week!


*Ms. Brescio's first grade students practiced with two addends that add to ten! Students had to count the candy hearts in the jar and determine how many more were needed to make a sum of ten. All students were encouraged to draw as a math strategy!*


*During art class, Ms. Young had her students from Ms. McDonough's third grade class paint a winter sky by painting over bleeding tissue paper with water! Students then began to build their winter scene by adding triangles for trees, dotting snow with a Q-Tip, and drawing a snowman to cut and glue on the background!*



*Ms. Lopeck's second graders learned about the history, customs, and traditions of the various December holidays. Students learned about the origin of the gingerbread man and decorated their own gingerbread cookie as an extension activity!*




*Third grade students in Ms. McCabe's class read books from the classroom library, My On, and Epic. Then they worked with Ms. Grossman to complete a book review, which included a summary and their opinion. Students also had the opportunity to redesign the cover of the book!*

*First grade classes took a journey on the Polar Express! Students received their ticket to "board" the train and go on a reading journey in their pajamas!*