Learning at Lawrence Primary School!

Learning at Lawrence Primary School is fun and engaging! This week, there were endless opportunities for students to participate and show what they know!


*Ms. Pagnotta's third graders practiced division by counting equal groups. Students used their Chromebooks to practice their math skills on IXL!*


*Ms. Feigeles' first graders have been learning all about the human body and its systems. Students learned how muscles help the human body to move and that together, muscles make up the muscular system! Did you know that the human body has 650 muscles?!*



*Ms. Metzler and her third grade students participated in Giving Tuesday! Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and the purpose is to reflect and express generosity. Ms. Metzler's students wrote thank you notes on Google Slides to people who have made an impact on their life!*





*The second grade students in the classes of Ms. Brites and Ms. Appleman made Place Value Snowmen during math class! Students had a number in standard form on the snowman's hat and on the body they represented the number in expanded form, unit form, as a model, and word form.*