Play, Learn, and Grow Together!

Coming to school each day at Lawrence Primary School offers countless moments of playing, learning, and growing. All of our students are able to explore and engage in the various learning environments!


*Ms. Hernandez and her third grade learners practiced representing arrays to show multiplication. Students also wrote multiplication equations on their dry erase boards. Practice multiplication at home by playing Multiplication Checkers!*



*Students in Ms. Appleman's second grade class learned about antonyms! They were able to brainstorm examples before they started their interactive lesson on Nearpod. Students had an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of antonyms by playing different games to reinforce the literacy concept. Practice antonyms at home by playing the game ANT-O-NYMS!*


*Ms. Brites and her second graders practiced reading and writing numbers to 1,000 using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form. Students applied and practiced in their Into Math workbooks; students were also called to model on the BenQ board what they learned! Try reviewing at home as a family by playing some Place Value Board Games.*


*The second graders in Ms. Gibbons' class practiced their word recognition by playing BINGO this week! Students used their phonemic awareness skills to analyze and decode different words! Practice at home by playing the game Phonics Pop on your Chromebook!*



*Mrs. Risi's second grade class learned about why leaves change color during the season of fall. Students used adjectives such as smooth, red, big, and pointy to describe different leaves. Mrs. Risi's second graders also did their own leaf rubbings to connect science and art! Read the book Why Do Leaves Change Color/Por que las hojas camiban de color at home with your child*

*Social emotional learning is embedded in all aspects of the curriculum. Ms. Brown and her third graders united in a circle to learn about a Put-Up, which is when you say or do something that makes someone feel IMPORTANT! Ms. Brown referenced examples from a text they read and had students identify examples of what a Put-Up would be (ex: "Are you ok? Can I help you?"). Students were able to apply the concept of Put-Ups to relatable scenarios so that they can strengthen their peer relationships! Read more about how Put-Ups can build relationships---this website can be translated into Spanish too!


*Ms. Metzler and her third grade learners read the book How to Catch a Turkey! Students then had the opportunity to work in groups and demonstrate their critical thinking skills to plan with provided materials their own trap to catch a turkey! Try planning how to catch a turkey at home as a family and write a story about it!*