There's Always Something New to Learn!

Throughout the week here at Lawrence Primary School, our students have countless opportunities to actively engage in learning experiences. All of our learners display how they are academically, physically, and mentally strong in various ways!


*The first graders in Ms. Feigeles' class practiced with word families so that they could develop their phonemic awareness! Students created new words by manipulating individual sounds in single syllable words (ex: dot-->pot; sand-->band). In addition,  Ms. Feigeles' students had the opportunity to learn about the sight word "have."

*Ms. Merritt and her first grade learners modeled the various addends that add to ten by using the rainbow visual to show their algebraic thinking!*



*Students in Mrs. Lorberbaum's third grade class drafted kindness acrostic poems in their notebooks and then published on construction paper!*


*Ms. Arleo's first graders learned about how Veterans Day is a day when we take time to appreciate the sacrifices the veterans have made for us here in America. Ms. Arleo's students also learned about how the poppy is a symbol to remember the veterans*