Never Stop Learning!

Learning at Lawrence Primary School takes place in so many different ways. Our students have endless opportunities to actively participate in various learning experiences with their classmates and teachers!


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*During physical education class, Ms. Nelson taught her students how to play Dice Bonk, a game that combines GRIT and math! Students from the classes of Ms. Lorberbaum and Ms. Twomey had to toss a ball toward the cone and the objective was to knock the die off the cone. Whatever number the die landed on, determined how many points each team got. As the points accumulated, students had to use their mental math skills to move the clothes pin to their current score on the score sheet! Click on the videos above to see some of the action!*



*Ms. Young worked with her students from Ms. Lopeck's class to lead an interdisciplinary lesson combining art, literacy, and science! Students previously used chocolate to learn about mixtures and solutions in the classroom, as well as participate in a chocolate tasting activity to conduct observations as scientists. Ms. Young had her students design their own candy wrapper and incorporated a literacy lesson on possessive nouns (ex: Ashley's Candy Bar).


*Ms. Avellaneda worked with the students from the classes of Ms. Kearney and Ms. Ruic on moving and shaking instruments in rhythm with the music. Students also used their egg shakers to follow along to the directions in a song!*

*Students in Ms. Metzler's third grade class have been learning about various multiplication strategies. Students used their Chromebooks to access the Into Math curriculum and showed their work with arrays on dry erase boards!*

*The second graders in Mrs. Risi's class practiced sentence writing! All students were responsible for making sure their sentences began with a capital letter, ended in punctuation, and that there was space between each word. In addition, students had to read their sentence aloud to a partner or in front of the class!*

*Second grade students from Ms. Gibbons' class enjoyed some breakfast and books this morning in the auditorium! They even had a special guest reader, Ms. Mcloughlin!*