Fun Learning!

Each day at Lawrence Primary School offers moments of fun and meaningful learning. This week has been no different! Make sure to look at what our students are doing here at the Primary School!

*Mrs. Arleo and Tyler proudly strike a pose to celebrate Tyler successfully completing the first grade component on iRead! Tyler's classmates cheered him on to acknowledge his accomplishment!*

*Mrs. Arleo's students participated in many fall activities today! They carved a pumpkin and wrote an acrostic poem after reading the book Autumn is for Apples!*



*Ms. Feigeles and her first grade students learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin after they visited the pumpkin patch. Review with your child what they learned by clicking the link for My Pumpkin Book!*


*Is it a mixture? Or a solution? Ms. Lopeck and her second grade learners engaged in a hands-on science activity to make chocolate sauce in a bag! Students applied their understanding of a mixture, when substances can be separated (ex: trail mix), and a solution, when the substances are dissolved/cannot be separated (ex: chocolate sauce). Students were able to comprehend that chocolate sauce is a solution because the ingredients used to make it can not be filtered out!*



*The second grade students in Ms. Brites' class had an opportunity to read a story together with their family at home. Students focused on characters as one of the story elements and they painted the character from their book on a pumpkin!*


*Mr. Flammia and his second grade mathematicians used math manipulatives to learn about even and odd numbers. Students also stood around the classroom to form pairs to visually demonstrate how the digit 6 is an even number because in a group of six students, every student has a partner. On the contrary, the digit 7 is an odd number because in a group of seven students, not every student has a partner. Practice determining whether a group of objects has an odd or even amount of objects by clicking the link for Odd and Even Pictures!*    


*Ms. Pagnotta's third grade students worked on their multiplication fluency by rolling dice to determine the factors they would be multiplying!*

*Ms. McCabe and her third grade students learned about the structure and function of the human skull! Students had an opportunity to combine science and art to examine their own heads and make discoveries about their skulls. They used their observations to create masks that show the characteristics of the human skull! Click on the image above to view a video.*