Every Day is a Chance to Learn!

Every day at Lawrence Primary School is a chance for our students to learn! Each day this week has provided our learners with numerous opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of different social and academic topics!

*Students in Ms. Feigeles' first grade class have been learning about the sight word letter "a." All students had the chance to read their sentences aloud to develop their reading fluency.*

*Ms. Salzberg and her first graders learned about how bats use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs! To reinforce this understanding, students made a project showing that bats hang upside down in caves as a way of conserving energy and avoiding predators!*


*Ms. Brites and her second grade students learned about diagrams as a text feature. A diagram is a detailed picture and Ms. Brites had her learners make observations of plants so that they could create their own plant diagram. Ms. Brites and her scientists used magnifying glasses to make observations and explore the parts of the plant. Make sure to click the image above to view a video of the exploration process!*


*Ms. McCabe and her third graders learned about the human skeleton and its bones. They even created a picture to show the bones in their hand by using construction paper, crayons, and vegetable oil!*

*Ms. Ackerman and her students from the classes of Ms. McDonough, Ms. McCabe, Ms. Metzler, and Ms. Hernandez practiced identifying and stating the definition of multiple meaning words!*