Learning is Fun!

There is no doubt that learning is fun here at Lawrence Primary School! This week of school has been jam packed with countless opportunities to learn and explore! Check out some of our school happenings below:

*Brianna from Ms. Arleo's first grade class read the Photo Book and completed a book report! Brianna wrote, "My favorite part of the book was when Teddy Bear was in the photo."



      *Students in Ms. Twomey's second grade class spent time reading independently before they transitioned to iRead for their literacy activities. They also had time to explore tangrams, puzzles, and board games with their classmates!*

*The third graders in Mrs. Rasmussen's class have been close reading the book Rain School and answering questions using specific details from the text. As students read the book, they learned how education is a fundamental right for all humans. Click on the link above to read the book at home with your child!*