Look What We Are Learning!

This week of learning at Lawrence Primary School has been filled with so many meaningful social and academic learning opportunities. Below are some of the highlights from this past week of school:

*Students in Ms. Rincon's first grade class practiced writing sentences in their Writer's Notebook with some of the sight words that they already know! Her first graders also included illustrations!*

*Mrs. Risi and her second grade students listened to the book Autumn for Apples! All students participated in a shared writing assignment to write an acrostic poem about autumn.*

*Ms. Cohen and her third grade students orally presented their This is Where I Live projects! Students had an opportunity to demonstrate their geographical reasoning skills and displayed the evidence they gathered on Google Slides.*


*Students from Ms. Buttafuoco's class worked with Ms. Ackerman to complete an activity that allowed them to practice answering "who" questions!*