Lawrence Primary School Students Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK (MAY 2023)—In observance of  Mental Health Awareness Month, Lawrence Primary School students participated in a spirit week to remind themselves and everyone around them of the importance of mental health.

 “In Lawrence, we are focused on our students’ overall well-being. We strive to ensure that our students excel academically as well as develop social and emotional coping skills,” said Kristen McLoughlin, Principal of Lawrence Primary School. “Mental Health Awareness Month offers us an opportunity to highlight the importance of mental health to our students and to help them consider what they can do to nurture and support their own mental health and well-being.  We want to give our young learners the tools to be able to successfully manage their feelings, including feeling comfortable speaking about their emotions and the challenges or stresses they might be facing at any given point in time, and when to ask for help navigating their big emotions.”

On Mellow Monday, students wore pajamas to school to understand the importance of feeling relaxed and taking time for themselves to reflect. Take care of yourself Tuesday was all about self-care. Students learned how self-care and self-help can decrease negative emotions and promote the wellness of their bodies and mind. On Wellness Wednesday, students wore green to represent mental health and highlight the importance of self-esteem. Thursday was Thankful Thursday where students wore pink. Students participated in classroom lessons and activities surrounding the theme of gratitude. On Friday, the students showed their school spirit and discussed in meaningful conversations why being physically active is an important part of supporting mental health. Students also created positivity mirrors to always remind themselves to think positively.

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Photo 1: Lawrence Primary School students wearing pajamas for Mellow Monday, left to right, Jaretzmy Reyes-Calderon, Fabio Rodriguez, Kathleen Bonilla, Leesa Brasse Photo 2: Lawrence Primary School students wearing green for Wellness Wednesday, left to right, Jacob Rochez, Elliya Wright, Brianna Jenkins, Maylin Mazariegos Reyes, Quinn Fuentes, Tyler Marcus, Allisom Ulloa Saravia, Rachel Soto, Alexis Valverde Photo 3: Lawrence Primary School students wearing pink on Thankful Thursday, left to right, Daphne Alvarado Cifuentes, Emma Maharaj, Gabrielle Thomas, Dekota Montalban, Logan Medina, Amy Lopez, Brittany Reyes Bac, Valentina Manrique, Sophia Zuniga Escobar, Genesis Rodriguez Cruz Photo 4: Lawrence Primary School students holding their positivity mirrors, left to right, Pablo Portillo, Jonathan Reyes, Keiler Reyes Cifuentes, Angie Joachin