Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make it Happen

Grade 2 students in Ms. Lopeck's class celebrated National Crayon Day! National Crayon Day is a day to celebrate the invention of crayons and the joy of coloring! 

Grade 3 students in Ms. Mcabe's class learned how and why flowers are pollinated. Students flew their bees from flower to flower to observe what happens to the flower's pollen during the process! 

Grade 1 students in Ms. Feigeles' class read "The Matzah Man: A Passover Story" and they all tasted the Matzah! They also played Word Scrabble using the letters from the word Passover! 

Grade 1 students in Ms. Arleo's class played an engaging math game using dice to find the sum to reinforce addition skills. 

Grade 1 students in Ms. Perez's class participated in a Sight Word Egg Hunt as part of their literacy block to reinforce sight words!