Math Night

Families from our Early Childhood Center, Lawrence Primary School and Lawrence Elementary School joined us for night of mathematics on Thursday, March 30th. This K - 6 event built on the fluency focus from our first Family Math Night and had students engage with their families in a variety of activities while learning methods to help our children develop into a lifelong mathematicians! 

Throughout the night, students and families rotated to three different stations. At each station, activities focused on students practicing their fluency facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Mathematical problem solving was utilized as students strategically played different board games and worked as a team to build the tallest tower using the solution to mathematical problems. 

Enjoy board games? Connect Four is a great game for students to practice strategic thinking and problem solving!

Students solved multiplication problems to find the product. Using this solution, students worked to create the tallest tower in a set amount of time.

As part of our March Math Madness tournament, students worked on a team to complete as many math facts in a minute. This minute to win it tournament had students cheering each other on as they helped each other reach new mathematical goals. 

First grader taking her turn to complete as many addition facts in a set time!