So Very Lucky!

Grade 2 students in Ms. Firestone's class participated in many hands-on and engaging activities for St. Patrick's Day! They participated in the process of  learning how to grow Leprechaun hair! 

Grade 1 students in Ms. Baltzer's class  participated in many creative activities for St.Patrick's Day. They created a variety of rooms for the Leprechaun and wrote four sentences describing the rooms! 

Grade 3 students in Ms. Mcabe's class  created four-leaf clovers!  Students reflected about former teachers and how lucky they have been to know them! 

In STEAM, students created Leprechaun traps using their engineering skills! 

Grade 2 students in Ms. Perez's class created four-leaf clovers while learning how to represent a number in a variety of ways during their Math Block! 

Grade 1 students in Ms. Feigeles' class had a "GREEN" party to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and participated in many hands-on activities such as graphing lucky charms! 

The Leprechaun came to Ms. Rincon's 2nd grade class and left them some treats! They participated in a variety of engaging center activities for St. Patrick's Day!