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Learning How To Enjoy Physical Activity Over A Lifetime


At #2 school, our physical education department has developed a program that is fun and exciting for all students.  The ability levels of our students varies, as such, our curriculum is developmentally appropriate and enjoyable for everyone.  Our program is focused on helping children learn how to enjoy physical activity over a lifetime. 

Warm-up games are always used at the beginning of each lesson to enhance the students' abilities.  Proper learning cues and techniques are expressed in detail by the teachers at the beginning of each lesson.  This type of detailed explanation of skills gives the students a solid example of the proper form in executing each skill being taught.  Throughout the class, the students practice skills in self-space, with partners, in groups and individually to guarantee safety in our gymnasium.

Skills that are taught at #2 school include throwing, catching, kicking, aiming, and volleying.  We also stress proper technique in gross motor skills such as skipping, galloping, and running.  As the students get older they participate in structured games of soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, kickball, and teeball.  #2 school students also participate in units of cooperative games and adventure activities.  In January all students participate in a month-long roller skating unit.

When students graduate from #2 school, they will have the necessary knowledge and skill to participate in a variety of physical activities.  Students will be able to participate in physical activities (games, sports, exercises) that provide conditioning for each fitness area.  Students will also be able to demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior while engaged in physical activity. They will understand that physical activity provides the opportunity for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and communication.  Upon graduation, students will also be aware that the resources available at home and in the community offer opportunities to participate in and enjoy a variety of physical activities in their leisure time.