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Discipline Procedures

Discipline Procedures


Our objective at Lawrence Primary School is to provide the best possible learning environment for children. This requires that school staff, children, and parents work together. The best possible learning environment is one that includes:

  • Physical and emotional safety of all students and staff
  • Rules and guidelines that promote respectful behavior
  • Consequences that require individuals to take responsibility for their actions

To accomplish this objective, school staff will:

  • Set up individual class rules within the guidelines of the district and school discipline program. Rules will be posted clearly within each classroom.
  • Reward positive behaviors that promote respectful behavior academically and emotionally. Rewards for positive behaviors include:
  • Verbal praise directed specifically at the behavior
  • Positive notes home to parents and to the Principalhighlighting behavior
  • Positive telephone calls home highlighting behavior
  • Certificates and awards highlighting behavior
  • Class parties commending behavior
  • Positive comments recorded on the report card
  • Announcement of commended students during morning announcements and on Lawrence web page
  • Fairly employ consequences and follow discipline procedures as outlined by classroom rules and in accordance with district and school guidelines. Consequences for negative behaviors (in the following sequence) include:
  • Verbal warning
  • Conference with teacher and student
  • Time-out held within the classroom, in a cooperating teacher's room, or with support staff
  • Written notification of negative behavior to parent/guardian
  • Telephone call home to parent/guardian
  • Detention from recess during lunchtime
  • Conference with Principal, student, staff, and possibly a parent/guardian
  • In-school suspension
  • Out of school suspension

(If misbehavior warrants, some steps may be omitted and higher level consequences applied.)

  • Record all positive and negative discipline procedures follows.

To accomplish this objective, students will:

  • Create classroom rules within the guidelines of the district and school discipline program.
  • Follow all guidelines of the district, school, and classroom discipline program.
  • Practice respectful and appropriate behavior on school grounds and within the community.

To accomplish this objective, parents will:

  • Be aware of and abide by all district, school, and classroom discipline rules.
  • Support all school staff in enforcing district, school, and classroom discipline program guidelines.
  • Attend all discipline meetings and discussions regarding your child.

Behaviors Resulting in Automatic At-Home Suspension:

1. Assault on a staff member - aggressive physical contact including pushing, kicking, spitting at, and/or hitting.

2. Verbal abuse of a staff member - cursing, threats, and/or any emotional distress inflicted on a staff member.

3. Serious assault on another student - intent to harm another student

4. Serious destruction of school property - damaging property in which time and money are need for repair.

5. Bring a weapon to School

6. Falsely pulling a fire alarm.

I agree that the best possible learning environment is essential to my child's education. I also agree that I am a part of providing and ensuring the best possible learning environment for my child's education.