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In the Fall in the Gym



          During the months of September and October the children of #2 School were quite busy in their Physical Education classes in the gym.  In September the students were challenged when they took a Physical Fitness test.  This test was comprised of components testing different areas of their fitness.  They ran the Pacer test which measured their cardio-vascular endurance.  Sit ups measured their abdominal strength, as pushups measured upper body strength.  The shuttle run measured their agility.

          Toward the end of September and into October we started our soccer unit.  Here the students learned about the different skills in soccer such as dribbling, passing and shooting.  They played different games involving all these skills.

          After soccer we begin our Football unit.  We will be working on  throwing, catching and kicking, 

          As we go through November and into December we will be finishing our football unit and look toward Volleyball to finish out the year.

          Please remember to remind your child to wear sneakers on days that they have Physical Education!

#2 School Physical Education staff